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10:03pm 06/01/2010
  Vote Bronagh Waugh (Cheryl) as Best Newcomer in the National TV Awards!  
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06:35pm 07/10/2009
mood: amused
Can someone please explain why they are bringing annoying Jake Dean back into the show???? Why why why why why whyy????
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When is Amy coming back? 
03:42am 04/10/2009
  Does anyone know when Amy is coming back? I miss her terribly, I think she was the show's best actress.  
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01:44am 03/10/2009
mood: impressed
I've just watched, online, the Hollyoaks Later series....I wont spoil it in case you guys didn't catch it...but oh my god.  I wasn't expecting THAT at all!

Thank heavens for channel4online......my freeview don't work....but I'm glad I caught up!

It had everything: drama, comedy and well that basically.  The McQueens make me laugh so much!  And Cindy is pretty funny too....anyways....hope they do more!!!!

I'm going sleep :)
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01:29pm 28/04/2009
I don't know if anyone here watches American Idol on ITV2 (or Fox) but whenever I see Adam Lambert I just think about Newt from Hollyoaks.  Newt is like a younger version of Adam or something.  Well they have similar hair.

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05:16pm 16/04/2009
  btw WHO THE HELL are that couple that hang about ste and amy's family and the baby? at first i thought they were midwives but do you get midwife couples lol?  
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Newbie :) 
03:34pm 07/04/2009
mood: bored

Just thought I would say hello! (Newbie!) =)

I'm really loving the Newt/Anita & Lauren storyline (although if they drag it on too much i'll soon be bored of it!), I know I shouldn't but I feel so sorry for Lauren.. I think I'd be rather bitter if my fella moved on quicker than I did, must be rather hard!  I do like Anita though & obviously feel sorry for her too, but I dont think I would of moved in that quick on my friends boyfriend!  

What does everyone else think?  I know lots of people think Lauren deserves it.  Eeek, Newt you studmuffin! 

& what on earth is going on with the newbies (Abi & Daniel)..


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Another character leaving... 
11:52pm 03/04/2009
  SpoilersCollapse )  
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Doesnt it seem like forever!? 
10:52pm 27/02/2009
  Doesnt it seem like forever that Amy has been pregnant.
I wish the baby would just pop out already!
Does Amy know if its a boy or a girl.
And who is little Leah's father. Does he have a name?
I remember some car accident.
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10:32am 27/02/2009
  when i think about it....every single storyline the now is pure shit. i especially HATE the stupid calvin is bad one. im sorry but theres no fucking WAY a police officer would sit in a car of someone who's business they just raided i dont care how stupid carmel is IT JUST WOULDN'T HAPPEN. i hate it when hollyoaks do this, put things that just WOULD NOT happen in storylines, they're actually insulting the viewers intelligence. like that time elliot saw the northern lights YOU CANT SEE THE NORTHERN LIGHTS FROM BLOODY CHESTER!!
i also hated the stupid chris-nancy-ravi triangle thing it was so bloody stupid it made me wish death upon the idiotic characters so much (especially nancy). i havent seen that on in a while, whats happening is it over?
clearly hollyoaks is for retards. and yet i can't stop watching it lol :( is it just me or did it never used to be like this? after every episode i get so mad at myself for sitting through it and think FUCK I WONDER HOW MANY BRAIN CELLS GOT KILLED THERE but then i always tune in the next day for the first look haha. does anyone else have this problem???
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01:07am 25/02/2009
  Is the new character "Hayley" (Zack's sister) disabled in real life?
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12:51pm 13/02/2009
mood: surprised
I just watched last Friday's episode... I live in the States and get the episodes at the end of the week.

anyway. I couldn't stop saying "HOLY SHIT LSKJDFLKSJDF!!!" at the end of it.

she likes 'em bad!

I wouldn't mind a slice of the Warren pie either. nom.
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10:10pm 11/12/2008
  Is that really it for Elliot and Hannah?  
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10:19pm 01/12/2008
  i'm like an on/off hollyoaks viewer because i am lazy and forget sometimes, and either i missed this or nobody in hollyoaks cares any more. What happened to Fletch??! last thing i saw he had run away and everyone was saying that he'd turn up sooner or later. did he die? is he coming back? help!  
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Louise's dress. 
07:13pm 01/12/2008
  The red dress that Louise is wearing on Hollyoaks on e4 now..

Does anybody know where its from?
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Hollyoaks Later 
07:09pm 01/12/2008
  Can anyone give me a quick recap on what happened in late-night Hollyoaks last week? I didn't manage to catch a single episode!  
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05:42pm 27/11/2008
mood: confused
Oh, Tony....what  have you done?!

Who does the new bloke remind you all of? The one who convinced Hannah's dad to have a gay night at the pub??? Where have I seen him before?????
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10:41pm 14/11/2008
  Did anyone notice how Mandy's present from Tony came out of an Ann Summer's bag? Weird.  
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04:56pm 14/11/2008
  1.Does Mandy ever not wear lipgloss?

2.Why the fuck has Average-Looking Murderer Warren got two FIT Hotties after him?

3.Does anyone else kind of like Cindy?

/end of procrastination.
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34 Hollyoaks Icons 
05:02pm 09/10/2008
  1-10 Nancy
11-15 Newt
16- Newt and Frankie
17-19 Newt and Lauren
20-21 Warren and Mandy
22-27 Kris
28 John Paul and Hannah
29-30 John Paul and Craig
31 John Paul and Spike
32-34 Carmel
( The icons )